Tuesday, May 10, 2011

The Perfect Storm

      Call me crazy, but there is something about storms that I simply love. I'm not sure if its the powerful claps of thunder, the brilliant energy of the lightning or the refreshing smell of after the rain. Don't get me wrong the potency of the storm is something to be respected but I really enjoy storms. I have never had a first hand account of severe damage due to the weather. In Worthington I can recall the flood of 1993 when my family could not get to town because all four roads were washed out, and our basement was submerged, but until I have a frighting experience I rather enjoy storms.
      When I was little my mom would tell me that the angels were bowling in heaven as the loud claps of thunder gave me trouble sleeping. I recall one time in particular that I even got out of bed grabbed a crayon and paper and sat next to the night light in the corner of my room to keep tally of the teams. The louder team with short, piercing burst was God's team and the quieter rumbles that were more drawn out was the team of the angels. The once fearful sounds of thunder turned into something of a fun pastime.
     As I got older when all of the weatherman would encourage television listeners to take cover my dad and any of us children wished to go along, would pile into the car and we would drive to watch the storm, and to check on our various acres of crop scattered throughout the county. Dad would carefully examine each field to see which ones suffered wind, hail, or flood damage and which ones did not. I really enjoyed those times and today, like when I was younger, I too ventured outside during the approaching storm.
      With today's approaching storm I first turned on the television to which the regularly scheduled programing was interrupted by the local weather team of Kare 11. Ironically after about five minutes of their weather broadcast the national weather service interrupted Kare 11's weather, to tell us more about...the weather. I found it somewhat of an overkill. I decided to venture outside, like all the stations said not to. The storm was for the most part west, in Minneapolis, and north in Elk River, but I did get a chance to gaze at some awesome cloud formations. The sky held hues of pink, and yellow due to the sunset, with overtones of green, gray and blue compliments to the storm.
Looking across campus to the northwest storm.
Looking toward St. Paul-my dorm building to the right

Back of the chapel
      I hope that while I am in Alaska I get some thunderstorms I sure do enjoy them but if I do not get some thunderstorms I supposed I can live with the beautiful scenery, mountainous view, and exotic array of wildlife. :)

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  1. You should get to view awesome northern lights!Cleo