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The blog post is a reflection of last week. I was able to be a part of a weeklong spiritual retreat called Kaleidoscope. Kaleidoscope is offered once every three years for high school students. It involves intense spiritual growth and learning experience for Christian youth. Students from Homer, Palmer, Chugiak, and Fairbanks travel to Meier Lake Retreat center near Wasilla and although at the beginning do not know one another, by the end of the week become lifelong friends and support for each other’s spiritual life.

Kaleidoscope is…
A unique experience
Of the Christ community
In which we grow
In our grace relationships
With Christ and with others
By learning to be less defensive
And more free in self-expression,
By learning to affirm
The Christian identity
And individuality of each other.
By giving and receiving love
In the context of celebration,
And by becoming more in touch with
And sensitive to
The fullness of life with Christ
With all its’ blessed surprises

Kaleidoscope is…
Asking Questions, Seeking Answers
Discovering Truth
Listening with their eyes
Seeing with their ears
Tasting with their hands
Feeling with their hearts
Looking in new ways at old things
Looking in old ways at new things.
Encountering the familiar
Uncovering the unfamiliar
Living together
Being in touch with self and with
The forms textures and sounds
Colors and beauty
Of life
Of others
Of God.
Being surprised!
Gaining Insight!
Experiencing life with Christ.
With tears and lots and lots of laughter.

Kaleidoscope 2011 the group!
For the week of Kaleidoscope (K-Scope) I was one of six adult leaders. I had a fantastic group of five youth, which we dove into scripture, and spent much time unraveling God’s Word.
Moose-Mom and her TWO babies across Meier Lake
Ducks-Mom and her babies on Meier Lake
The days begin at 8:00am with breakfast as a large group. One of the traditions of K-Scope is that we do not do anything without everyone present. At the beginning of the week each student is assigned a number which is theirs for the week. Before starting any event we count off. We do not start until everyone is accounted for.

After breakfast the students have what is called “one-on-one” This occurs five times each day. During this time the students are paired with another students and are guided through a relational experience with one other person. During this half hour block of time the two students are allowed to share with their one-on-one partner insight based on questions provided (ie: what’s the best vacation you’ve ever had?, What is your favorite season?) By the end of the week each youth has an opportunity to have this structured time with every person. It allows for close relationships to form.

After one on one we have Bible Study which is exactly what it sounds like. We use both small and large group discussion to dive into the word.

Other components of K-Scope include the ever popular Centering Hour which is a time for relaxation and nap, Serendipity which is a leadership development activity, and Agape (evening Worship).

Agape-each student has a prayer point cross that serves as their mini alter for time of prayer and reflection.
Songs during worship.
The boys led part of Agape on Friday
End of Agape Worship

I must admit the retreat was as much of a time for spiritual growth for me personally as each individual that attended. It was very rewarding to see the students working together, break out of their comfort zones, and support one another. Wherever they’ve been, whatever they’ve done, K-Scope is a time to be one’s own self since most students do not know one another, it is a time to start anew. It is very powerful and in my top three for favorite experiences thus far on internship.

One of the Serindipity activities in which each team had to get as many layers of clothes on one person as possible.
66 layers
Another Serendipity activity "The Spider Web"-each student must go through a hole without touching the edge and each hole can only be used once.
Serendipity activity-PVC pipes and a golf ball...all the way around the building

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