Saturday, February 4, 2012

Moose x2

Yesturday while I was at work the Moose Federation arrived with TWO moose who had been hit by vehicles and were now given to the churches food pantry. Our church is on a lottery list with other organizations so when a moose is hit, and our number is called we are eligible to receive it.

Yesturday the Anchorage bowl (including Chugiak-my area) received 10 inches of freshly fallen snow. This made driving conditions difficult and forced moose onto roads looking for food. Over 15 moose were killed in a 24 hour span and the federation was running out of places to take the moose so we got two.

Our Redeemer and our Food Pantry were highlighted on the lead story for the 6 and 10 PM news on KTUU Friday night. It was part of a story about the Alaska Moose Federation and what they are doing to take care of moose hit by cars. KTUU was directed to us to see what we do with the moose one we receive it. The two moose we received should provide between 400-500 pounds of moose meat for our Food Pantry clients. This kept Len, Jim, Johnny, and Bill busy all day (working IN the snowfall) to prep the moose for processing. The packaging, and grinding of meet into moose burger and moose steaks will take place early next week. Click on this link ---> <--- to watch the video we are the first story.

Some stills from the news story

I got to watch the boys work as my office window overlooks the back garage. The guys worked from 9:00am until 3:00pm and were still working after I left. I wrote notes of encouragement to them as the heavy snow came down and the heavy lifting of each leg took place. I can't wait to help finish the process. I post again when it's all done. I'm sure it will be a busy time early next week to process all this meat.  I LOVE THIS INTERNSHIP!

Two large cows arriving for our food pantry.
I sent several notes of encouragement throughout my day at work.

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  1. You're such a great encourager, Kristi! I hope to be able to help package the meat, too. This Saturday the 12th I will be the sole volunteer at the Food Pantry, and I bet we'll have a lot of grateful clients visit us for this meat. :D