Saturday, February 11, 2012


Today on the front page of the Anchorage Daily Newspaper (ADN) was the following picture...

What you are looking at is a moose standing on top of a snow covered car in order to reach the higher branches. With such a rough winter boasting over 120 inches of snow the moose retreat from higher mountain elevations to lower regions. More often then not they head into the city. I mean if I were a moose I too would take to the city. Plowed streets, more food, etc. The moose seem to not care too much about the humans that surround them. The ADN has set up a whole collection of submitted photos from October until now of moose sightings. You can see all the photos -->Here<--- but below are some of my personal favorites enjoy.

From October (notice limited snow) Moose meets Cat
Two moose in town checking out the ADN mailbox on a residential street

Moose coming up on a back deck

This ADN reader went to let her dogs out only to find a mouse out her deck door.

Moose just crossed the road and now must make the jump from plowed snow

ADN reader went to leave for work and fond moose out his door

Downtown Anchorage at the Pioneer Home

Moose outside residence window
** Please note I did not take any of these pictures as they were all reader submitted to the ADN

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