Friday, February 10, 2012

Super Bowl Sunday!

This Sunday was Super Bowl Sunday. I got in on all the festivities by attending the party at Vern and Ingrid Roelfs. I'm was invited to party alongside some of the most dedicated ORLC football fans. I personally am not a big football person but I attended for the food, fellowship, and commercials.

The Roelfs have a very nice set up. In one room a projector streams the game on a large 120 inch screen with rows of couches and comfy seats for one's enjoyment. This room was for the more intense super bowl watchers as the lights were off and the center of attention was of course the game.
The main room with some serious watchers
In the living room the game was also on, but on a smaller 47" flat screen TV. This was a room for the more "social" of attendees. The living room is also connected to the kitchen where people were free to wander to get all the best Super Bowl food including Roelfs famous chili.
Living room game...but we know who is the center of attention here....
The Roelfs don't just watch the game but play games within the game. Featured games included ongoing "Super Bowl Bingo" with 18 different cards. We first went for bingo to which Penny quickly won, and then continued to the blackout version. Spaces included on my personal bingo card were "A commercial featuring a talking animal", "A commercial staring someone under the age of 5", "A baby in the crowd dressed in Giants or Patriots gear", "A celebrity in the crowd" as well as some those on the card below. Like I said there were 18 different cards so it was quite fun with much variation.

A sample bingo card
Another fun activity was a guessing game to the score. Before the game started there was a blank grid placed on the wall. Each party attendee got to pick three squares to guess the score of the game. But there was a catch, the scoring numbers had yet to be placed so it was all random. After everyone had his or her name on the grid Ingrid drew numbers 1-9 and placed them horizontally and vertically on the grid.
Mike checking the grid at 3rd quarter.

At each quarter the score would be evaluated and matched to the winner. If it was a two digit score ie: 21-17 only the last digit would be used; in this case 1 and 7. The winner at each quarter got a prize. It was fun as well but totally random.

Of course I enjoyed the commercials. My top favorites are the Doritos "Man's Best Friend"

My second favorite was the Chevy Silverado end of the world commercial....

And who doesn't love the "Happy Grad" commercial?

It was a fun day finishing out with Giants 21, Patriots 17. I did not pick a particular team to win but I know most of the people at the party were satisfied with the Giants as they were the favored team by those in attendance.

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