Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Aurora Borealis

I do apologize for not updating. My fiancee Adam is here and I have been rather busy. We have watched the Iditarod ceremonial start, had youth group Angry Birds live, birthday fun (as I turned another year older), and watched the Northern Lights. I will update in detail about the Iditarod when I have more time, as well as birthday schinanigans, but the Northern Lights I had to share right away which is why it's 2:00am and here I write.

Last night when I was driving Adam back to Pastor's house (since he is staying there while visiting Alaska) we saw some faint northern lights. We were driving down the switchbacks from my host home to the parsonage and there was green splotches in the sky. We turned around back up the hill to grab the camera. By the time we got back they were gone.

Tonight Adam and I finished up a movie it once again became time to take Adam to Pastors. We walked outside and the sky was dancing with curtains of green light. We grabed the tri-pod and camera and began snapping pictures. I'm surprised I did not wake my host parents as I ran upstairs out on the deck and back again. I stumbled around to find away to turn off the motion lights at the Semmler's deck door but no such luck so I covered them with a coat.

We then moved down to outside my door-literally and took more photos. I felt the need to share with you the sight. Keep in mind these pictures are UN-EDITED. It looks light out but really it is pitch black night. I used a 45 second to 1 min. exposure for each picture so it looks so light. The reason for the burst is because of a recent solar storm see the link -->Here<-- Anyways enjoy! I LOVE MY INTERNSHIP!!
Streaks of green in the sky
This one was like a giant green curtain waving in the sky

This one looked like it was descending to earth from above.

Looking over the inlet below
Green rainbow across the sky

Check back later for update on the Iditarod, Hockey Game, birthday celebration and youth event. But for now I'm spending limited time with Adam :)

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