Sunday, November 6, 2011

Mystery in Outer Space

Saturday evening was the annual Mystery Dinner. This event is held at Ingrid and Vern's home as they so kindly open their doors each year to host this event. For those of you who do not know what a mystery dinner is let me explain. It’s a lot like a live game of Clue©. Several companies make the scripts and they can be ordered online.

This year was Mystery in Outer Space (I got to reuse the decorations from the HS retreat, yay). Each person is pre-assigned a character so they can dress to the part. No scripts are given ahead of time but it is rather impromptu and revealed as the evening progresses.

Act I is first done, followed by dinner. Then act II is completed followed by dessert. Then act III is carried out at which point each person makes a guess as to who the murderer is. Then at the end each character reveals who did it. It is set up in such a way where not even the murderer knows that he or she has done the murder until the very end.

Core Sample from Planet Firstus Nextus

Lunar Walking Stick-ironically its Ingrid's stick actually used for the once monthly MoonWalkers see

The Transporter
The setting is that it’s the year 2200. French space entrepreneur Pascal Cannon has been suffocated in his sleep the night before. Apart from being a very clever space cookie, he was also the major inter-galactic property developer and an investor. A number of suspects and friends of the deceased are gathered together at the intergalactic criminal inquiry center for questioning.

The Conference Room

We had a greeting and opening from an "Out of this World" interrogator  via webcam over 50000 light years away.

Some of the suspects included:
Little Green Man-a Magnesium farmer
The Sustainer-the gardener and farmer and I keep the green things on board alive. Otherwise we would run out of oxygen who created a totally sustainable system. The water run off goes to the fish pond and the fish excrements fertilize the plants.
Siren-Pascal’s widow and top beauty pageant winner even beating those Beauties from the Beauty Galaxy
Dollar Man- A businessman and space capitalist who owns land on numerous plants in numerous galaxies.
Towel-Pascal’s walking, talking, more than your average…towel
Gold Face-who gets called to solve all the major inter-galactic problems.
The Answer-Pascal’s computer
At Your Service-Pascal’s Robot and on board maid
Stinky- Pascal’s pet; a hybrid cross between a robot and an animal in this case part skunk.

All Suspects gathered
The main course consisted of instant mash potatoes and barbecued pork. For dessert we had the original authentic Space Food Sticks. Chocolate and peanut butter flavored, although of the two I would only eat chocolate as the peanut butter sticks left something to be desired.

Authentic Space Food Sticks-The energy snack that provided high protein and nourishment for space travel.
Eating in the conference room with the view of all the stars
Left to right: Gold Face, Dollar Man, Little Green Man, and The Answer

All point to suspect Towel-She was the murderer who suffocated Pascal

The boys in the transporter

It was a fun who killed Pascal? Well he was suffocated by Towel as she is very thick and strong. This was one of the most fun youth events I've experienced a great thing to do near Halloween for an alternative for older youth.

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