Monday, October 3, 2011

Sow Much Reap Much

Friday evening I babysat for the cutest family. Three children ages 6, 4, and 8 months. The baby went to bed at 7:00pm and the two boys stayed up. We played with legos, had a sword fight, and watched how to train your dragon. After the boys went to bed at about 11:00pm there was an earthquake. It shook the house for a good 10 seconds causing the bobble head on the television to shake and their dog to bark waking up the baby. I later found out it was only a 3.7 magnitude earthquake but it was shallow. The shallower the earthquake the more easily it is felt. The deeper the earthquake the less likely it is to be felt.

Saturday evening was confirmation. Confirmation takes place at the parsonage once a month from 6:00pm-9:00pm with parents and students. The class is split where I teach on group and Pastor the other. This month I got to be with the parents and it was fantastic.

On Saturday I also went into work and blew up 50 balloons all by myself. These were to be used for Sunday morning Children’s Church (it’s Sunday school that happens during the worship service).
Blowing up balloons for Children's Church
Sunday arrived and I led Children’s Church. We played a game where each child had a balloon tied to his or her ankle and had to run around and try to pop everyone else’s  balloons. The point of the activity was that we carry around our sin, and Christ comes along to pop it and eliminate it. It was fun. After fifteen minutes of playing this game we then went into fifteen minutes of music. The kids sang a new song that came with the VBS curriculum we are using for children’s church, as well as some of their personal favorites including “The Happy Song”, and “I am a C”.
It was an intense game

After church there was a reception for the new members of the congregation. It was a good time of fellowship and very yummy food. After the reception it was time for youth group. 
"Welcome Sunday"
For this Sunday we did a service project for the church food pantry. The youth took 50lbs bags of flour, sugar, and rice and separated them into smaller ziplock bags to be distributed to the families at the food pantry. It was fun and in the end my black church pants were white with flour.
Steven, me & Lisa!
I had an hour and a half of down time before this month’s FISH event took place. The churches from Palmer and Wasilla joined us for this event. This month we had “Snap & Dash” which is a digital scavenger hunt. I was blessed with many drivers who volunteered to drive groups for this event. The students were split into teams of 3-4 (depending on the car size) and had an hour and a half to take pictures of 30 things before return to church for a slideshow and pizza.
Click for larger image-look at some of the things they had to do for "Snap & Dash"

"Here Kitty Kitty"-a Halloween decoration?
The boys bagging groceries
"Under Construction" the boys literally went and stood under a piece of  construction equipment. 

Largest tire they could find.
The number "5"
"I can't believe we all fit in here"
"A picture of you walking a dog"

All in all it was an exhausting, fun and very rewarding weekend. I love my internship! 

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