Friday, January 6, 2012

Home Sweet Home!

Well I am done house sitting. I am now back at the Semmler's my home sweet home. I arrived home to much snow. The path to get down to my entrance had not been shoveled since I left before Christmas. With over 4 feet of snow since then it was rough first treck to get into my home.

My key only unlocks my door so the only way I could enter was by way of the 3 foot drifted in path. I did not want the trip to be a waste as it would take six trips to get all my stuff in so I grabbed my large suitcase on wheels. While wheels on a suitcase is a great idea for airports and level ground they are terrible for deep snow.

The snow was so deep I tried to keep my suitcase lifted up out of the snow but the snow went up past my knees and I could not keep it that high. The suitcase left a mark of bumps from where I would lift up and step and then set it down again. It was an intense work out. 

 The pattern made from my suitcase this was only the sidewalk portion...

Ug...the only way to gain entrance...there is supposed to be a path here.
After (same view as above picture) suitcase makes fun pattern

This is what it looks like after I went through with my suitcase I made it to the bottom

I made it to my door, and my feet were very cold as snow was in my boots and under my pants. I decided not to haul the remaining 5 loads of stuff down the un-plowed path and opted to enter through the upstairs door.

Before I hauled in the remaining 5 loads and was greeted by the "welcome crew" aka the very lonely cat Beanie. Beanie had been missing her human owners as they have been gone to Tanzinia since before Christmas. She followed me with each trip down to my bedroom and would not leave my side.

The Welcome Crew aka Beanie the black cat
 I went back outide to scoop a path so in the morning I would be able to walk outside to my car without snow up to my knees. It took a little over an hour, and it's hard work manually moving snow. I was tired so the cat and I laid low in bed and watched t.v. It's good to be home.
Beanie stays close, and slept in bed with me :)

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