Friday, June 3, 2011

Alaska. My Home Sweet Home

Let’s just say, I am exhausted. It’s a good exhaustion but I am tired none the less. Last night I spent the night on campus at CSP. It was weird to be on campus but good. I got my laptop, transferred my car title and tied up loose ends. I went to bed with excitement and anticipation. I awoke several times in the night, paranoid that I had missed my flight. Finally my alarm went off at 4:45am. I got up and Amanda took me to the airport.
                My six hour non-stop flight to Alaska had my body in much disarray (and even at this moment it is still confused). I was on the plane from 7:15-1:30 Minnesota time. I arrived at 10:30am Alaska time. I was hungry and tired. To sum up the flight in one word it would be AMAZING. Take a look at a few of the many pictures I captured while in route to Alaska. The pilot pointed out one mountain peak in particular known as Fair-weather mountain. It was gorgeous.

                I arrived in Anchorage only to find that it was cloudy. The overcast skies have not allowed me to see the full beauty of the range of mountain peaks that surround me. Pastor Steve and  I went out to lunch and after that I was given a tour of the church. Here are some pictures from the highlights…

This is my office!

The church!

After visiting the church I went to get my new ride. A 1992 Buick Park Avenue. It need new tires for winter, and does not have a stereo system but it works and will get me from point A to point B

Speaking of point A to point B, the two main points while on internship are the congregation that I’m serving at, Our Redeemer Lutheran Church, and my home which is with Terri & Chuck Semmler. My house is only ¾ mile drive from church but it takes 6 switchbacks on a mountain with 15% grade and a 400 foot evaluation change. Pastor warned me that there will be times in the winter which I will not be able to get to work. In the Anchorage area the issue is not the cornucopias amounts of snow (since Anchorage has surprisingly mild climate), but rather the ice. The ground is cold and the air warm enough to produce rain which results in ice and from what I’m told LOTS OF IT. But we will cross that road when we get to it (or skid in the ditch trying, haha…get it? Ok never mind…)
Below are pictures of my humble abode. My host parents are downright awesome! They have welcomed me into their basement with open arms and are so kind to make me feel at home. Here are some pictures let me show you around…

My house, the Semmlers are working on it this summer

My view from my dining room cant see it very well but there inlet is there and in the distance is a mountain range. On a clear day I can see North America's highest peak: Mount McKinley.

My bedroom

My Living room
Looking out the window, please not that it is almost 8:0PM when this picture was taken. The sun doesn't set until 1:00AM!!

The have a dog named Jorge (who reminds me of my own dog), and two cats.
Today I also had my first shopping experience with a store chain called Fred Meyer. It is very similar to a Wal-Mart except more fancy, I guess I would equate it with a super target. I had sticker shock as I looked at some of the prices of things especially when it came to butter, milk, produce, and meat. It was not as outrageous as I was expecting but I was higher than back in the lower 48 states. I think I will stick to the off brand “Fred Meyer” products and get by just fine J. As I review my receipt some of the highlights include…
6 pack of Charmin bath tissue 7.99
½ gallon of milk 2.19
Can of progressive soup 2.44
Box of mac and cheese 1.49
1 container of Yoplait yogurt .75
1 package of turkey breast lunch meat 5.49
A gallon of gas 4.17

As I write it is only 8:00pm Alaskan time but my body thinks its 11:00pm. Today has been a long day. Currently it looks like high noon and is actually brighter than it has been all day since the overcast cloud cover has disappeared and the sun is finally out from behind the clouds. This light thing will take some time to get used to Tomorrow I jump right in with work and are to report at 8:30am.  I will be working on VBS as that is fast approaching next week already. Such the mountainous journey of a DCE intern begins.

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  1. What a great start to an awesome year! Have fun enjoying the region and sharing Christ!