Sunday, June 12, 2011

Bear Country!

I have been told there are bear in the area. I have yet to see any. Because there are bear several things are different. Garbage is a big one. On garbage pick up days the garbage cannot be set outside until the morning of just a few hours prior to pick up. Garbage in town, such as at the church must be kept in bear proof containers. Another difference is pets. Pets can wander outside but it is best to keep a close eye on them for bear would love an evening snack of a pur-fect size pet. Yesterday Terri caught a glimpse of  one of our furry friends ON THE HOUSE DECK.

This black bear was on the deck trying to lick up the remains from the grill out the previous evening.

Terri had Jorge (the family dog) close by and sure enough Jorge took not time in patrolling the area to chase the bear away. I would have thought the bear would have turned and tried to attack Jorge but that was not the case. The poor bear ran away terrified. It is true what they say "Bear are just as afraid of us as we are of them". This is Bear Country :)

Bear paw print on the deck window

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