Monday, June 6, 2011

Yes, with the Help of God!

Today was a busy day and the first Sunday at Our Redeemer Lutheran Church. Our Redeemer Lutheran only has one church service on Sunday. It is at 10:00am. There are no Saturday night services. I was at church by 9:00am and found Pastor Steve setting up in the sanctuary the i-tunes. The congregation is currently working on getting contemporary worship. They do not have musicians to have a live band so Pastor Steve has used i-tunes where the congregation sings along with professional recordings. It is not ideal but it works and is pretty creative if you ask me.
At 3:30am I was slightly shocked to find only one person, Gaye, was at church. Pastor must have read my concerned look and told me that one of the things I will notice about Alaska is everyone is late. “It’s Alaska time” he said. Pastor still starts the service on time but people were coming in ten to fifteen minutes later.
 During the church service I had the installation as DCE intern. Do I intend to carry out all my duties, to lead people to Christ and serve the congregation… “Yes with the help of God!” Powerful words not to be taken lightly, they are true thru and thru. As much as a stubborn and independent person I am, I have limits and that is why God is on my side J

After the service I met the members of the congregation as they had a brunch meet-and-greet for me. It was nice. The people at Our Redeemer Lutheran are so welcoming and kind. I got tips on where to go for all the best hiking places, a list of places to visit when my mom and Adam come in the fall, as well as inside tips that only the locals know like what streets to avoid, and who in the congregation makes the best homemade ice cream J

I have started an excel document of list of names I know and description of the members, it sounds funny, but I really want to learn the congregation members and not just their names but who they are and meet them where they are at in their faith walk.
It was raining, again, today. It seems to rain a lot. Not heavy rains just light rains that last for twenty or so minutes and then leave and then another rain for a half hour. I was told it has to do with the mountains and the fact that the storm systems get trapped just on the other side, so we see part of the storms.
My apartment is getting more and more homey. My host mom and dad (Terri and Charlie “Chuck”) got me a new wardrobe so now my clothes have a home. My “pantry” is slowly filling up, and I did my first wash of dishes in my kitchen sink. I figured out my cell phone so I am not roaming anymore, and I taught myself how to use the fancy television that has three remote controls (1 for VCR/DVD, 1 for cable, and one for the TV itself). Ok, so these are all minor details in the life of Kristi, but to me it is one step closer to making Alaska my home, and I do feel at HOME J

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