Saturday, June 11, 2011

How Beautiful!

Today was a beautiful summer Saturday here in Alaska. 60 degrees of amazingness. I took the opportunity to go explore Alaska again with a hike. The destination Eklutna Lake located in Chugach State Park. A 45 minute drive on winding roads along the bottom of the mountains. The road was narrow and the shoulder non-existent, but it was a beautiful drive.

I arrived and followed the signs to the hiking area. Since it is in a state park there was several turn-offs for camping. I found the marked trail and began to hike. What I found next words cannot describe...

This places is ABSOLUTELY BEAUTIFUL. Eklutna Lake is surrounded by mountains. It makes me feel so small and really puts the power and might of God into perspective. I walked toward the lake off the trail. To get the the lake I crossed a very muddy, mucky, sticky pass. I was walking on marsh. Growing in the marsh was grass, a grass I had never seen before. I don't know what kind it was but I have not crossed it before. I also saw some puzzle grass, not like Minnesota Puzzle grass, this was much smaller in size.
Double click for a larger-better view

Breathtaking view
I was so amazed by what surrounded me that pictures could not do justice. 
Please click on the video below to see the panoramic view!

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Double click for a fuller view.

As far as hiking goes Elkutna is better traveld by bike. I hiked a ways on the trail and there was not much to see. I only went about three miles before turning around but would have like to gone farther. There was not much wildlife to see save one squirrel, but the view of Eklutna Lake and it's surrounding mountains was well worth the journey.
The only form of "Wildlife" I saw all day.
Along my travel I took a detour off of the main path and it led me to an inlet with a baby trickle of a waterfall. The whole time I was hiking I was either talking to myself, or singing. I was told my multiple people, and Pastor Steve emphasized the point that if you are hiking alone you should either attach a bell to your pack so it jungles as you walk or make noise (ie: talk or sing). This ensures you will not sneak up on an otherwise surprised animal. If they can hear you they will likely flee as they are more afraid of humans as we are of them. Don't get me wrong, I would LOVE to see a bear or moose before leaving Alaska but I would rather not see one wile hiking alone. Perhaps someday, but today was not the day for bears or moose, and I am just fine with that.
Baby waterfall...or water trickle 

Alaska continues to amaze me with her spectacular scenery. Today I reflected on the wonder of God and His creation! Who else could have created such a wonderful view, and amazing land out of a big hunk of ice (glacier)? I LOVE IT HERE!!

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  1. You should take those pictures and sell them to Windows as backgrounds. Simply breathtaking!