Thursday, June 9, 2011

Alaska Similarities

Yesterday I took the time to notice how Alaska and Minnesota have their differences but still boast many similarities. It all started when I was driving home from Wal-Mart and I noticed a 1978 Pace Arrow Motor home. The exact same one as we used to have check it out...
Picture from Alaska

Picture from Alaska
Picture from 1997, My brother Amery far let, me, and Mindy. Dad and Kayli in back.
Another thing: Hardee's. Okay so in Alaska it's not called "Hardees" it's called Carl's Jr. BUT their menu is the exact same, and they still have amazing curly fries.
Carl's Jr. of Eagle River, Alaska
The scenery is slightly different but both have their breathtaking views. Flat farmland with towering wind turbines, or mountainous terrain with towering peaks.
Minnesota flat farmland

Alaska Mountainous terrain.

Both have their advantages and disadvantages and both I absolutely LOVE!

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